Excursion Lund Saturday 25/3 2017

Departure by car from Simrishamns bus- and railroad 9.30. Arrival Jakriborg as 10.45. An hour is enough safe choice for photography. Then lunch, either in Jakriborg, or Nova Lund (a large shopping malls 10 me. from Jakriborg).

Then a visit to the famous cultures in Lund (as 63,75 m from cathedral, or thereabouts). Open 12.00-16.00 (Mondays closed). Admission costs 90 kr, and for us seniors are cost 60 kr. The average visitor stays in 2,5 hours. If we arrive there 14.00, we have all the same 2 hours left. For those of you who do not know Kulturen, it is one of the country's most prestigious museums, comprising a whole block.

Today's activity is terminated then later 16.00, and we should be back in Simrishamn at about 17.30 last.

If the weather is nice and you indoors, we can choose to, instead of culture, wander on North cemetery, inaugurated in the early 1800s. Many well-known people have received their final resting place here, t.ex. musikkännaren Sten Broman, rock Karl P Dal, it in the early 1800s nationally known pastor henric schartau, bishops Gottfrid Billingand Edvard Rohde, artist Gösta Adrian Nilsson (BOTH), author Axel Wallengren (better known as Falstaff Fakir), and writer, journalist and one of the former women's movement's protagonists Elin Wagner, historians Lauritz Weibull, it from the TV show Question Lund knew Latin professor Gerhard Bendz and many, many more.

If this does not fit all, so is a walk in the old Lund, an experience for itself, and the cathedral is always to flee to.

If it rains and is widely-pass weather, so is a plan B. Lund konsthall is worth a visit. time 18/3-7/5 ongoing exhibition We have a dream. "A photographic exhibition of courage, humanity and human rights,"To directly quote the website. Opening Saturdays

10.00-17.00. If I understand correctly, it is free admission. If it would not be the, as will be highly cost affordable.

Registration? And, let's say a week before, so that we can coordinate transport. Good to know how many cars going to.

Please look also at Sjöbo photo club excursion programs, where they have interesting excursions to Helsingborg and Halland väderö in May, and to the Botanical Garden and Mandel's in August.