Then Österlens photo club participated in the National Photo Hit the 2015. It was Malmo photographic association that held the event this year during the weekend of 16-17 May.
It is a competition that is open to all photo clubs in Sweden and individual members.
For the five groups in the National Photo Hit it had submitted 3140 contributions from 356 fotografer i 65 photo clubs.
You could say that it went well for Österlens photoclub when we placed as number five of all the clubs that participated. The club had 12 st. Members who attended the 105 pictures. The members managed to position himself with five pictures and got 17 Images selected for the display. Then about. 20 % of our pictures came with not bad at all. Next year we are focusing even harder.

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I grupp A – Collection påsiktsbild placed Jonas Axelsson in third place with its collection “Ghost train”


I grupp C – Occasional påsiktsbild awarded diplomas to Gunnel Jönsson with his image “Consideration” and Kjell Persson, with his image “ESCALATOR”


I grupp C – Withdrawn for display: Jonas Axelsson “Cemetery in autumn” and “Magnum”. Karin Dreier Lembke “Visit” and “Kremlan”. Krister Andersson “Stargazer”, “The old men of the village” and ” In distress”. Peter Olausson “Please Be Seated”. Steen Stavnshøj “The Coast Line RR”. Tomas Svensson “Eye”, “My Beauty” and “Surrealism”.


I grupp D – single digital image selected for the display Jonas Axelsson “The conductor”. Karin Dreier Lembke “Cyclopentanyl


Krister Andersson "Att starta ett lopp"
Krister Andersson “To start a race”

I grupp B – Collection digital picture got Krister Andersson its collection “To start a race” jacks for viewing.

Some of our members who received awards