This year's National Photo Meeting would be organized by Folkare Photo Club in Avesta.
But because of the corona pandemic, they had to cancel the event.
The jury has nevertheless been able to carry out its work and assessed all image classes.
Since then, the result has been reported on the RSF website.

How did it go for the Austrian Photo Club, well it went well this year too. The club again managed to place itself among the first five clubs in Sweden, it became a fourth place.It is the fifth year in a row that we succeed in this achievement to get among the top five clubs. It became both medals, diplomas and pictures taken for viewing by the individual members.

Group B collection of digital images

Birgitta Eklund Byström – Bronze medal for his collection “Thin layers of ice”

Group C single påsiktsbild

Krister Andersson – silver medal for his image “railway Children”

Tomas Svensson – diploma for his image “Wilmer”

Thomas Kupper – accepted for viewing, their image “Holabandola”

Group D single digital image.

Jonas Axelsson – diploma for his image “motorman”

Peter Olausson – accepted for viewing, their image “Cat food”

Group E slideshow

Krister Andersson – diploma for his slideshow “Street people” Click here to get to the slideshow