This year, we ourselves in Österlens Fotoklubb who was the organizer of the National Photo Hit 2019.

After two years of work with the preparations we conducted the National Photo The meeting of the Nordic Sea Winery in Simrishamn the 24, 25 and 26 May.

with about 100 delegates and upwards 650 Visitors to the exhibition of all the winning images and sponsors and with praise from both RSF and delegates from all over Sweden, we consider this event as a great success.

up to 4000 Images came in and Österlens Fotoklubb was fourth best photo club in Sweden, Thus, for the fifth year in a row, we are among the top five clubs in Sweden.

Grupp D- single digital image.

We must congratulate Jonas Axelsson to a gold medal for his picture “Upstairs” He also got the picture “Light low” terminals to display.

Krister Andersson received a silver medal for his picture “Track” and image “A meeting” terminals to display.

Gunnel Jönsson got his picture “Love” terminals to display

Steen Stavnshøj fick its visual “air pump” terminals to display

Group C-single påsiktsbild.

Here Krister Andersson received a silver medal for his picture “Emma”

Jonas Axelsson received a diploma for their image “A man and his scooter”

Peter Olausson received a diploma for their image “Night vision”

Gunnel Jönsson got the picture “Successful track hunting” terminals to display

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Group D single image

Group C single påsiktsbild