Then was “Närkampen” between Sjöbo, Ystad and Österlen Photo Clubs completed.

The clubs compete every year, then the members must submit two digital photographs / person.

The organizing club sends the images for evaluation by an external jury.

This year there were over 100 images that came in and the jury will rank the top five with comments.

The funny thing about this contest is that the more the club accumulated at least points wins the overall club competition and it's done so that the higher up in the results you will get less points.

As usual, very nice to meet our photo friends in both Ystad and Sjöbo photo clubs. There is of course a lot of talk about photography, tips and ideas shared during a happy and exhilarated mood.

After the competition was reported, We talked also through what we thought about the five placed the images in the full glare.

Click here to get you out a PDF file of the winning photos with comments.