This year's worst picture 2019
As usual, I write this much too late, there've been a long time since the assessment was made
and the memory is perhaps not entirely to be trusted.
You start the lasting harm after many years of judging vile images even though I really
specialist in this. I compete in the club's normal races and end up almost always end so the expert
one must say that I am.
But no matter the so competition was held in the clatter of eating and drinking participants. Even in years
club julavslutning, which was held in the "club room", it served the Italian side dishes and some
a packed drink.
We were well into about eight entries to the competition, apparently feels the remaining members that they do not
is good enough to even try to qualify in this prestigious competition.
As usual, I sorted (the autocratic judge) images in order, best picture at the top and
worst bottom.
If anyone does not know how it works, you will be notified that this applies to some special rules, you have to
displease the judge, on the extreme, a difficult art because undersigned have pretty vivid imagination and
thereby see positive things in the pictures that nobody else sees. Represents the picture one can judge
relate to something (anything) deemed image rule too good to qualify in
I remember that one of our new members (which consequently have not seen the previous years' competitions go
of the bar) came with a perfect image with clearly visible motives, perhaps total felkomponerad, men
still far too good. The remaining contributions were of little worse kind. One could discern the thinking behind
several of the submitted, then completely conforming got good grades by the judge and therefore
did not fit into the competition.
When it only remained three shots as it began to look just as horrible as we are looking for and after
very careful consideration it was decided that the winning image really was the worst.
I will try to describe the feelings I had when I view the image: The picture told me absolutely nothing!
To describe it required more imagination than the judge can summon, we see a dark surface that covers the
round figures 40 % of the overall image area, a light transmission close to one edge caused a dot pattern.
How do you turn the picture is almost urtrist, nothing to fix your gaze on, no composition,
not exposed correctly (if it even was exposed), Consequently, a very worthy candidate
price. I tried even in halvmörken, but the picture is still told me nothing
It should be mentioned that the printats on a high-quality photo paper, great honor.
In other words, I get happy to announce that Bjorn Lofgren has taken this year's worst picture, congratulations
is in its place…
It should be mentioned that Gunnel, who came in second place active had worked hard to win the competition. We
go after the common through all participating pictures and discuss, and then got to know that Gunnel had
planned the picture carefully and gone out and photographed the image with the intent to produce a really bad
image, it is honorable to show such commitment that we will probably introduce a special prize in
competition which consequently goes to Gunnel.
Chairman of the autocratic (stupid) man jury
Steen Stavnshøj