This year's images 2014 is designated. The Club brings together all the images that have participated in a year in club competitions and sends them to assess to someone else photoclub. It is Grängesbergs Fotoklubb that have assessed our images 2014.

Picture of the Year- Class': Göran Kindwall

No picture 4 on the harbor in the evening light won overwhelmingly. It received 25 points and immediately thereafter 9 p.
The picture is a well-taken pictures of night, stand naturally, otherwise it would not have been so fierce. Laserljuset (I guess that's) is the icing on the cake-et. The otherwise rather dreary and bland heaven given a fascinating content.


Year photo-color påsikt: Jonas Axelson

No picture 4 also won here, however, with much less margin. It received 16 P while the second received 14. We believe that a year's picture should be something that catches the viewer directly, it did dog. The look straight into the camera, sharpness sits, background shows the environment without in any way disturbing. The dog has bathed and safe running around, he / she pants after effort. Picture taken at exactly the right moment, skill or luck, who knows, it was pretty damn good anyway.


Picture of the Year- påsikt black and white: Yvonne Dresler

No picture 11 with cows we were crossing the choice. Here it was much more difficult, it was photo finish! The winner got 10 p, after was 9 p, 8 p, 8 p, 6 p, 6 p. None of the voters had the image 1:A but 5 other placements lasted for profit. Picture is technically quite ok but I guess the humor in the image appeals. It does actually seem as if the cows are waiting for the green man.