Applications for spring 2020
We are at Österlen Museum as usual at 19.00, unless otherwise indicated.

In club competition påsikts picture and digital picture can compete with any black / white
or color.
Påsiktsbilder should always be in maximum A4 format. besides the 8/4 when it is free size.

15/1 Club Comp: Påsiktsbild free theme
We learn how to do in order to upload pictures to our site when we compete in our club competition.
Krister hold a briefing on the National Photo Hit.

22/1 extraordinary Meeting: Submission of påsiktsbilder to the National Photo Exhibition.

29/1 Club Comp: Digital image tema – 1 st. glass bottle.
Tomas Svensson shows pictures from one of his many trips.
Reviewing we will send out a picture that everyone should treat freely to the club competition the 26/2.

12/2 Club Comp: Påsiktsbild theme – HDR effekt
Practical exercises of focus stacking (Focus gaffling), bring your camera and tripod (if you have) and one or more objects to photograph.

26/2 Club Comp: Digital image tema – you treat a previously sent out image.
Krister will once again showing how he works in the Nik Collection module with Silver Efex Pro 2 to convert their images into black / white.

11/3 Club Comp: Påsiktsbild theme – find
This evening it is also “Invert” so you should have two photos of the theme and after we drove
turned up so do you choose the image that you want to participate in club competition with. The upside,
mixed pictures and we get two images was that since each person must give his criticism. On
This way we train ourselves to talk about the pictures and give constructive criticism.

25/3 Club Comp: Digital image tema – fabulous
Hong Kong pictures from summer 2019 Krister Andersson

8/4 Photograph: Ian Smith, accommodation Baskemölla visiting us this evening.
He will talk about his photography and, of course, show its pretty pictures.
He is an ambassador for Olympus in Sweden
Here are links that you can check on.

22/4 Annual Meeting
Appointment of year image 2019 (as an outsider photoclub selects from the images placed in the club competition for 2019)
Film screening by a fotodokumentär.

6/5 Club Comp: Digital image tema – night photography, least 10 second exposure.

20/5 evening Excursion, with specific rules that we will return to.

3/6 Club Comp:Påsiktsbild theme – abandoned
Silla plank review, son usual, the black / white images in A2 format portrait.

17/6Termination, time and place we will return with.



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